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Determined to “get closer” to the public, the College of Physicians will undertake this year an extensive consultation process “to understand how the people of Quebec perceive the role of the professional order.” An approach that will allow him later to define his orientations and adjust his actions, explains its president, Dr. Mauril Gaudreault.

Dr. Gaudreault had displayed his colors as soon as he took office last fall. Conscious of the negative image projected by the College, none accusing him of defending “corporatist” interests or protecting its members to the detriment of the public, the new president of the professional order had been determined to overturn the by opening the dialogue with the population.

In an interview with the Sun on Thursday, the new president of the College also said he wanted to hear the doctors, some of whom have come out publicly in recent months to denounce the methods of investigation of the trustee, going so far as to qualify them “Intimidation”, “harassment” and “abuse of authority”. “We can not be insensitive to that. That’s certainly what concerns us, “said Dr. Gaudreault.

The extensive consultation proposed by the College will be done through a quantitative and qualitative survey that can be answered by physicians and the public. Focus groups with physicians and members of the public will also be conducted. The public can also participate in this consultation by writing directly to the College at “Movements” in some regions of Quebec are also planned, says Dr. Mauril Gaudreault.

“It’s a process of general introspection. We want to know more about public perception, listen to people and think about our ways of doing things. Does the public feel protected? If we are perceived negatively, why? We want to hear it more broadly, with a scientific approach, so that we can make findings in the fall and develop strategic planning in 2020 “, the last one dating back four years ago, explains Dr. Gaudreault .

“I do not pretend that we are not doing well, but we can do better,” says the president of the College.

Asked about the flip-flop of the College of Physicians, who said February 18 still opposed to the setting of diagnoses by IPS, to finally accept a few days later that they diagnose the common health problems and the six chronic diseases for which they are already initiating treatments, Dr. Gaudreault hinted that he had initially only defended the “traditional” position of the professional order.

“I had a hard time [to defend her], especially since I had a good idea of ​​what was coming to the board of directors,” admitted the president of the College, according to which “there is a “Very clear will” within the board of directors of the professional order to improve interdisciplinary collaboration with the various health professionals “in respect of the skills of each”.

“It’s 2019 […]. Health is the business of all professionals “, not just that of doctors, summarizes Dr. Gaudreault.

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