Say goodbye to Delisio pizzas

Say goodbye to delissio pizzas< /p> Delissio's advertising made an impression in Quebec.

“It’s not a restaurant… ” nor will it be Delisio for supper. The famous frozen pizza will be removed from grocery store freezers within six months.

Nestlé Canada has announced that it will stop selling this brand of pizza in the coming months, in addition to Stouffer's, Lean Cuisine and Life products. Kitchen.

The multinational does not manufacture its products in Canada. Thus, no Canadian manufacturing plant will be affected.

To focus elsewhere

“  This decision allows us to invest more in priority categories,” said John Carmichael, President and CEO of Nestlé Canada, in a statement.

The company wants to focus its efforts on its just as famous ice cream, but also on other of its popular products, such as confectionery, coffee, animal food… and bottled water.

Already nostalgic for the famous pizza Delissio? There's still time to run to the grocery store to stock up.

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