Scheduled obsolescence: law students are working on the bill

The planned anti-obsolescence bill begins to take shape: law students present their proposals on the content of this future bill. Students of the Jonathan Mayer Lecturer are invited to present their version of the bill to a panel of experts including specialists and elected officials.

P mong them, one finds among other MPs Guy Ouellette, Christine Labrie Marwah Rizqy Catherine Fournier and Lise Therriault, spokesman of the official opposition for the protection of consumers.

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Remember that students were invited by Jonathan Mayer to talk about such an initiative as part of their legal interpretation course.

A petition was launched by the group to demand from the Quebec government measures of public order against planned obsolescence. So far, more than 11,000 people have signed it.

Jonathan Mayer and his students intend to go to the National Assembly to introduce the bill and ultimately want it to pass.

“In this course, we try to see how the laws are built”, explains at the outset Guillaume Bourbeau, law student at the UdeS.

“Each team has a part of the project to build. We decided to target the Consumer Protection Act; it was our role to change that law. Each team has some of the provisions to write, “says Andrea Lawson, a student at the Faculty of Law.

At the end of Monday, students will be able to make changes to their presentations, following comments they have received from the panelists. The various works will then be staked to form the bill.

The students were very much inspired by international movements.

“We are not the first to legislate on planned obsolescence; I am thinking in particular of Norway, Sweden, France. Some states in the United States have acted in relation to planned obsolescence in different ways. We have agreed that there is no way to deal with obsolescence; it goes through various means. There are sanctions, accessibility to repairability. We are trying to cover wide to solve the problem … It is the combination of all these measures that will have a positive impact, “says Guillaume Bourbeau.

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