School nurses fear being called by Lakeshore emergency

School nurses fear being called by the Lakeshore emergency

The entrance to the Lakeshore General Hospital.

While a recent report by independent investigator Francine Dupuis described a “toxic culture” in the Lakeshore General Hospital emergency room, school nurses fear being called in to lend a hand. strong in service during the summer season.

The report, which presented 135 recommendations aimed at improving the quality of care and improving workplace relations, nevertheless underlined the need for “well-trained” staff. The latter particularly insisted on the fact that one should “never leave a new nurse in the field if she had not received her complete training in emergency care”, reports The Canadian Press.

Ms. Dupuis referred to a “specialized and complex” department, for which appropriate training is crucial.

The Union of Health Care Professionals of the West-of-the-Island of Montreal (SPSSODIM), which would have learned of the intentions of the establishment to solicit school nurses, n&rsquo did not hide his amazement.

“In the report, Francine Dupuis talks about emphasizing the expertise and experience we need to provide safe care. There, we will ask nurses who do completely different work in schools to come and work with unstable patients, ”lamented union president Johanne Riendeau.

A four-day training would be provided by the employer for new recruits, says Ms. Riendeau. Usually the latter stretches over six weeks, she contrasts.

The CIUSSS affirms for its part that this reinforcement staff will be assigned to tasks that they are able to perform and that the practice of soliciting school nurses in the summer is common.

“We have not yet reached the point of forcing people,” assured Deputy Chief Executive Officer Najia Hachimi-Idrissi, who stressed that the call will be made on a voluntary basis.

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