Search continues to locate three teens in New Brunswick

Search continues to locate three teens in New Brunswick

Jakob Burns and Demetry Wright, aged 13, have been missing from the town of Chamcook since Thursday.

Share November 10, 2020 2:14 p.m. Updated at 9:46 p.m. Share Search continues to find three teenagers in New Brunswick The Canadian Press SAINT-JEAN, NB – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) reported Tuesday morning that the searches are continuing in New Brunswick to find three young adolescents, who are believed to be in the Saint-Jean region.

Corporal Brent Allaby of the RCMP's St. Stephen's Detachment recalls that the teens texted friends and family to let them know they were okay, but police still do not know where they are.

“So we know we're taking care of them,” he said. “They are warm and dry, they are fed. We think they are just trying to avoid us. ”

Jakob Burns and Demetry Wright, 13, have been missing from nearby Chamcook since Thursday, and Margaret (“Maggie”) Kiley, 14, has been missing from Saint John since Saturday.

The boys traveled to Saint John in a black SAAB convertible, which was found by police on Sunday, Corporal Allaby said in an interview. On Monday, “Maggie's” mother Jan Kiley said the three youngsters attended the same school and one of the boys was her daughter's boyfriend.

The police officer recalls that even if the three teenagers seem to be safe and in contact with their friends and their family, it is still a case of disappearances for the parents and the police. Parents of teens are frustrated and desperately want them to return home, he said.

The search is also frustrating for police, he said, as the case hogs resources that could be deployed elsewhere. According to Corporal Allaby, at least two RCMP officers were still assigned to the case Tuesday in Saint-Jean.

Information has been coming in from across Atlantic Canada since police released pictures of the teens, he said. “We have to take this information seriously until we can refute it. Everything is useful, however. I would rather have information than not have it. ”

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