Season 3 of “Léo”: marriage, baby and new responsibilities for Léo

Season 3 of & l & eacute; o & raquo;: marriage, baby and new responsibilities for L & eacute; o

Fabien Cloutier in season 3 of” Léo “

Union with his sweet Cindy, birth of baby Paul, backsliding back to work, daddy Yvon and mononcle Raynald, the failing health of the in-laws… Great things are happening in Leo's life, at least during the three first episodes of the new season of the series that bears his name.

These upheavals raise questions in the endearing protagonist created and played by Fabien Cloutier. Does Leo really want to work the rest of his life in a cake factory? And how to manage the escapades of his father and his uncle (moving Julien Poulin and hilarious Pierre Lebeau)?

It is once again a real pleasure to find Léo's big family, especially his colorful boss (Marc Labrèche), the friendly hairdresser Jessica (return of Anne Dorval), her mother-in-law (formidable Micheline Bernard) or her turbulent old friend (Hubert Proulx).

Without reinventing the wheel, this third season is still as charming, funny and touching as the first two.

The 12 new episodes of Léo will air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on TVA starting January 5 and in bursts on Club Illico.

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