Session report: the opposition is firing red bullets on the CAQ

Session report: the opposition shoots red balls on the CAQ

Dominique Anglade.

Third link, management of CHSLDs, breakdown of service in emergencies: several subjects raised the ire of opposition parties during the report of the parliamentary session held on Friday. On the last day before the Christmas break, the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), Quebec solidaire (QS) and the Parti Quebecois (PQ) expressed their expectations for 2022.

The PLQ started the ball rolling by criticizing the government's continued state of emergency. “We are faced with a Caquist government which always grants itself all the powers, which refuses to return to a democracy, even if it is now 600 days that we find ourselves in this situation”, lamented Dominique Anglade Thursday.

Instead of anticipating the labor shortage, the Coalition d'avenir Québec (CAQ) “even denied it”, as did the housing crisis and the crisis in emergencies. If she had been in power, Dominique Anglade would have adopted a more “inclusive and progressive” approach, she says. Ventilation systems were reportedly deployed quickly to schools, along with rapid testing for COVID-19.

The last session was eventful for the PLQ, in particular by the withdrawal from the caucus of the MP for Maurice-Richard, Marie Montpetit, whose attitude was contested. Star MP Gaétan Barrette has also been stripped of responsibilities. Despite these pitfalls, the leadership of Dominique Anglade remains “fully assumed”, and the party is “ready to go to battle in 2022”.

“I think that the discussions we had internally did not have an impact on our ability to deliver the goods as opposition, but above all to define ourselves as a government for 2022, to define ourselves as a government progressive, ”notes Dominique Anglade.

Eventful session

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois' first session at the head of QS was marked by a series of heated clashes at the Blue Salon with François Legault. “My discussions with François Legault have caused a lot of ink to flow, and that is normal, I think. When François Legault and I debate, it is two visions of Quebec that clash, ”considers Mr. Nadeau-Dubois.

“The contrast between the ideas of Québec solidaire and the vision of François Legault is increasingly clear,” he continues. We know that there is still work to be done, and then we come before you today with a lot of humility, knowing that nothing is won for us in 2022. ”

QS manages to upset the Prime Minister, because “the party's priorities are its weaknesses”. QS cites in particular the housing, the environment and the quality of life of families. “We have a Prime Minister who claims to be close to the world, but who plans to give millions to a billionaire for a half a baseball team, when there are kids who don't even have a gym for their class.” of physical education at school, “accuses Mr. Nadeau-Dubois.

By the way, QS again criticizes the third link, a “gigantic hoax” creating a debate that the CAQ “is losing”.

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