Several liters of diesel spilled into the St. Lawrence River

Several liters of diesel spilled into the St. Lawrence River

A diesel leak that spilled into the St. Lawrence River occurred on November 27 near the beach city ​​of Verdun. The spill is believed to be due to a generator from the contractor NRJ Environnement Routier, a firm that is responsible for compensatory work for fish habitat at the beach.

The Quebec Ministry of the Environment estimates that less than 250 liters of diesel escaped into the river. However, additional checks must be carried out to determine a more precise quantity.

The release of the contaminant ceased as soon as the problem was noticed. Urgence-Environnement went to the scene to observe the situation following a citizen's report. & Nbsp; The company's employees were already busy plugging the leak and mitigating measures had been installed.

The Urgence-Environnement worker asked for additional measures such as the development of rows of absorbent socks placed inside booms. & Nbsp;

The Ministry of the Environment does not anticipate no significant consequences on the environment and fish habitat since there is a strong flow in the river. Other verifications are underway to ensure that all measures are taken to limit the impact on the environment as much as possible.

Environmental rehabilitation

Soil excavation work began on the day of the incident. These floors are treated in a specialized center. In addition, sampling work is underway to verify that contaminants are no longer present in the soil affected by the spill as well as in neighboring areas.

The sham in charge of the work at Verdun beach could receive a fine from the Ministry of the Environment. The government has yet to rule on the matter. The ministry is continuing its audits of the Environment Quality Act and its regulations. In the event of any deficiencies, the statement of offense will be drawn up in accordance with the Directive on the treatment of breaches. & Nbsp;

Urgence-Environnement ensures that all the measures necessary for the safety of the population and the protection of the environment are in place.

Compensatory work for fish habitat is scheduled to continue until mid-December and should resume next spring. This work consists of excavating the banks in order to create a calm water zone favorable to fish habitat.

This work is an obligation of the provincial and federal governments in compensation for the development of the Verdun beach. This improves the biodiversity of sites near the riverbanks which are mainly occupied by invasive alien species.

At the time of going to press, NRJ Environnement Routier has not answered our questions.

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