Sex toys: the latest naughtiest trends

Sex toys: the latest naughtiest trends

Sex toys keep getting modern; discover the latest trends.

With the arrival of autumn, the evenings are long and we want to snuggle up under the duvet… and maybe also want to have some fun. Whether you are alone or in pairs, Métro brings you the latest innovations and trends in sex toys. Something to get bored!  

In recent years, sex toys have been quite modernized and diversified; the offer is therefore no longer limited to loud vibrators and hyper phallic dildos. For the hottest trends of the moment, Métro headed to the “sensual boutique” Oui, which – far from licentious neon lights and feathery babydolls – promotes sexual health and offers a selection toys for everyone. 

Elegance and discretion 

By modernizing, sex toys have become more discreet and even downright designer. The colors are more neutral, more gender neutral and the shapes less suggestive, like the Drop from the Maude brand, which you wouldn’t even suspect of being a vibrator.  

In addition, through successive innovations, most vibrators no longer make any noise. “At the moment, with the new vibration technologies, the toys are very quiet in contact with the skin,” points out Suzanne Dufresne, owner of the Oui boutique. Among the most discreet brands of vibrators, she notably cites Satisfyer or We Vibe. 

Sex toys: the latest kinkiest trends

Drop. Photo credits: courtesy, Maude

Sex Toys: The Latest res most naughty trends

Nova 2. Photo credits: courtesy, We Vibe

New air 

Vibration is good, but for people with a clitoris, the fashion is also for air suction, which is supposed to recreate the sensations of oral sex. “There are some at Womanizer and there is also the Satisfyer Pro, which is one of my best sellers, illustrates Suzanne Dufresne. It’s really cool and very efficient technology!” 

Only downside, the air suction can be less discreet, so “if you don't want to compromise on decibels, you'll have to go to another price range with Lora DiCarlo's Baci which really doesn't make any noise”, she advises.  

And for the male sexual organs, it is not suction, but the pulsation of air that is in vogue as evidenced by the pulsating massager d air from Arcwave. 

Sex Toys: The Latest res most naughty trends

Satisfyer Pro 2. Photo credits: courtesy, Satisfyer

Sex Toys: The Latest Kinkiest Trends

Womanizer Premium 2. Photo credits: courtesy, Womanizer

Sex Toys: The Latest res hottest trends

Baci. Photo Credits: Courtesy, Lora DiCarlo

Sex toys: the latest naughtiest trends

Arcwave Ion. Photo credits: courtesy, Arcawave

Hot sensations  

At the top of technological innovation, the Lora DiCarlo brand strives to offer new feelings. Many of his toys can heat up to 40°C and are made of an extremely soft coating for the most realistic experience.  

Some, like the Onda or the Osé 2, also have a ball that moves up and down under the surface of the toy, “in order to recreate the sensation of a finger and to stimulate the G-spot or the prostate,” says the sultry shop owner. -trends-the-naughtiest-e26471b.jpg” alt=”Sex toys: the latest naughtiest trends” />

Sex Toys: The Latest res most naughty trends

Osé 2 (left) and Onda (right). Photo credits: courtesy, Lora DiCarlo

Mixed sex toys 

More and more sex toys are versatile, suitable for thus to a greater diversity of people. If we already knew that plugsanal rings could be used by everyone, several new designs are designed to provide pleasure, regardless of the sex or gender of the person.  

Lora DiCarlo's Tilt model has the shape original or several models of the Satisfyer brand, in particular the Endless Joy, are the perfect example. They can be used as much on the vulva as on the penis or are able to stimulate the G-spot or the P-spot. 

Sex Toys: The Latest Naughtiest Trends

Satisfyer Endless Joy . Photo Credits: Courtesy, Satisfyer

Sex toys: the latest naughtiest trends

Tilt. Photo Credits: Courtesy, Lora DiCarlo

Sensual Boutique Yes: 4357 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal

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