Sexual abuse: Robert Miller would seek an amicable settlement

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<p>Billionaire and founder of Future Electronics Robert Miller, who is accused of sexually abusing underage women for many years, would try to reach an amicable agreement with several of his alleged victims. </p>
<p>The lawyer in charge of the defense of these women called on the court to deploy measures aimed at prohibiting any communication between Mr. Miller and these people, according to Radio-Canada. </p>
<p>The request from the lawyer representing the alleged victims, Mr. Jeff Orenstein, would particularly concern Mr. Miller's personal lawyer, Mr. Karim Renno. The latter would have come into contact with several of these young women on March 23, as part of a meeting during which the idea of ​​an amicable agreement between the parties would have been raised. </p>
<p>Mtre Jeff Orenstein, who filed a motion on Friday, claims that he was not informed of the holding of such a meeting and asked the court “to put a stop to any future direct communication” between his young clients and Mr. Miller's lawyers.</p>
<p>According to information from Radio-Canada, at least four young women were contacted by Mr. Miller's camp. The latter would have refused the proposal, but a meeting bringing together other alleged victims would still have taken place on March 23.</p>

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