Sexual misconduct: Charles Dutoit will not be awarded the Order of Montreal

Inconduite sexuelle: Charles Dutoit ne sera pas décoré de l’Ordre de Montréal

Charles Dutoit

December 9, 2019 21h03


Sexual misconduct: Charles Dutoit will not be awarded the Order of Montreal

The canadian Press


The ex-chief of the Montreal symphony Orchestra Charles Dutoit, who has been the subject of complaints of sexual harassment, waives his right to be awarded the Order of Montreal, announced on Monday the mayor’s office Valerie Plant.

In a press release, the team of Ms. Plant stated that the mayor “approved” the opinion of the Council of the College of Montreal to put an end to the examination of the request of the Guild of musicians and Quebec calling for the removal of this distinction to the ex-maestro. Mrs. Plant had requested in February 2018 at the council responsible for the review of nominations to the Order of Montreal, consider the case of the famous conductor who was the subject of allegations of sexual misconduct.

Formal denial

The office of the mayor has explained that the absence of Charles Dutoit to the annual ceremonies of delivery of the insignia to which he would have been able to present it created “uncertainty as to its status”.

“Mr. Dutoit was contacted about it, which then has informed formally that it does not wish to receive this honour,” reported the firm, Ms. Plant.

The Council of the Order has decided that “Charles Dutoit was, therefore, not to be a member of the Order of Montreal,” and therefore put an end to the examination of the application for revocation.

In 2016, Charles Dutoit has been offered, as a hundred figures, to be decorated with the badge of commandeur, the highest grade of the Order of Montréal, given that he was a member of the Academy of Great Montrealers since 1982, a distinction that had just come to an end.

The Order of Montréal aims to pay tribute to people who contribute remarkably to the development and prestige of the metropolis.

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