She finds a living frog in her spinach pack

A resident of eastern Montreal reported this week that she had the unpleasant surprise of finding a live frog in a container of fresh spinach she had bought a few days earlier in a grocery store. Montérégie.

Lethicia Benedicto, a 26-year-old woman living in the Mercier / Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough, posted a message on Facebook with three photographs of the container, some of which had already been consumed.

Ms. Benedicto told Bell Media in an interview that she had bought the Fresh Attitude brand plastic container on March 11 at a store in the Super C chain in Boucherville, near her workplace.

When she opened it earlier this week to eat spinach with the omelette she was preparing for breakfast, she saw the small amphibian.

Ms. Benedicto then alerted the management of the store where the product had been purchased as well as Vegpro International, which produces the Fresh Attitude brand. Measures would have been taken.

Lethicia Benedicto added that she had decided to keep the little frog and take care of it.

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