Sherbrooke will not set the table this year

Sherbrooke will not set the table this year

The seventh edition of Sherbrooke sets the table will not take place this year because of the pandemic, but Destination Sherbrooke encourages the population to order take-out meals throughout the month of October.

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Mireille Vachon La Tribune The Destination Sherbrooke team is forced to cancel the seventh edition of its annual Sherbrooke table event, which was scheduled to take place from October 16 to 31, due to current health measures.

Even if Sherbrooke is in the orange zone for the moment and that restaurateurs can accommodate up to six people at the same table, Public Health still invites the population to limit their social activities, which influenced the decision of the organization.

“Sherbrooke sets the table, it is an invitation to discover restaurants with family, friends and colleagues. Even if we know that all the health measures are in place with our partners, it is impossible for us to hold the promotion without distorting its festive character, ”explains Lynn Blouin, Director of Promotion, Business and Sports Tourism at Destination Sherbrooke, by way of of press release.

Nearly 25 Sherbrooke establishments were to participate in the annual taste event, launched in 2014, by offering tables d'hôte accessible at $ 20 or $ 25 at noon, as well as at $ 25, $ 35, or $ 45 evening, and this for sixteen days. Among these, the restaurant Auguste, Au coin du Vietnam, Comme chez soi, the Bla-Bla café, L'Empreinte, Kalypso, Wakai and many more.

Each year, Sherbrooke sets the table gives a helping hand to restaurateurs, who see their traffic increase considerably. For example, last year, the increase in attendance during the two weeks of the event fluctuated between 25% for Restaurant Da Toni and up to 55% for Overflow.

Sherbrooke for take out

To encourage restaurateurs, who need the support of their customers more than ever, the team has set up the Sherbrooke initiative to take out, we learned in the press release issued by Destination Sherbrooke.

This new campaign, like the 28-day challenge, which invites the population to limit their social contacts in October, focuses on take-out, ready-to-eat and delivery.

Destination Sherbrooke is therefore launching a challenge to the population: order at least one take-out meal per week in a Sherbrooke restaurant throughout the month of October.

“If each Sherbrooke household spends at least $ 28 per week on a take-out meal, the spinoffs for our restaurants will be more than significant and will certainly continue to preserve the vitality of Sherbrooke restaurants,” says Ms. Blouin.

To find inspiration, the “Where to eat” section of the Destination Sherbrooke website offers a variety of restaurants that can be filtered with the words “take out” or “delivery”. The organization will keep this list as updated as possible for the next few weeks.

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