Shooting in the Netherlands: at least three dead in a probable “terrorist attack”

The Dutch police were looking Monday for a man from Turkey after a shooting on a tram and in “several places” in Utrecht, a probable “terrorist attack” that killed three people and injured nine.
L has security at airports and key buildings in the country, including mosques, has been strengthened and the municipality of Utrecht in central Netherlands, advised the city schools to close and people of “Stay inside until you know more”.

“New incidents can not be ruled out,” she warned.

In the morning, a man opened fire in a tramway in the center of this city, one of the largest in the country.

In a tweet , the authorities released a photo of a short-haired man wearing a blue jacket, taken from a video surveillance camera on the tramway.

“The police are looking for 37-year-old Gokmen Tanis (born in Turkey) in connection with this morning’s incident,” the Utrecht police said on Twitter, urging the public not to approach him.

If at this stage the track of a single shooter is preferred, the police did not rule out the possibility that there are several.

“At this point, we can confirm three dead and nine wounded, including three seriously,” said the mayor of Utrecht, Jan van Zanen, in a video posted on Twitter. He added that the authorities favored the terrorist track.

On the scene of the attack, place of 24-October, cordoned off by the police, rescue services and armed police were active. A victim was covered with a sheet and lay on the track between two cars, a journalist from the Dutch press agency ANP reported.

A witness told NOS News that she saw a woman running out of the tram, blood on her hands and clothes before she collapsed.

“I brought her to my car and helped her. When the police arrived, she was unconscious, “she said.

“We will not give in to intolerance,” said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who “did not rule out” a terrorist trail at a press conference in The Hague.

“An act of terrorism is an attack on our civilization against our tolerant and open society. […] The only answer is that our rule of law and our democracy are stronger than fanaticism and violence, “he said.

All political parties have suspended their campaign to two days of local elections that will determine the future composition of the Dutch Senate.

According to Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, director of the National Agency for Security and Counter-Terrorism (NCTV), the attack took place “in several places”. He did not give more details.

“We can not rule out a terrorist motive. A crisis team is activated, “he said on Twitter. The level of terrorist threat has been raised to five, its highest level, in Utrecht.

“A major police operation is underway to stop the gunman,” he added.

Recent threats

Dozens of armed police have surrounded a building a few hundred meters from the scene of the shooting, said an AFP journalist.

The police also said that a Renault Clio, apparently stolen from the driver at the time of the attack, was found abandoned.

In the port city of Rotterdam, police said they increased security around the mosques, three days after the death of 50 worshipers in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, killed by a white supremacist.

The Netherlands has been relatively sheltered from the wave of attacks that has affected its neighbors in recent years, despite several recent threats.

A 19-year-old Afghan resident in Germany stabbed and wounded two US tourists in August at Amsterdam Central Station before being shot by police.

In September, the authorities arrested seven people in Arnhem and Weert and said they had foiled a “major bombing” in the Netherlands.

In June, two suspects were arrested shortly before committing several attacks, including the famous bridge Rotterdam and another unspecified place in France, according to Dutch prosecutors.

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