Shortage of childcare places: the PLQ wants to improve parental leave

Shortage of daycare places: the PLQ wants to improve parental leave

The leader of the Liberal Party, Dominique Anglade

Wishing to help young families, the leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), Dominique Anglade proposes to make parental leave available for an additional period of six months for parents who are looking for a place in daycare, but who cannot find one.

“We need to do more to support young families and especially women. For my political party, access to childcare services should be a right in the same way as the right to education, “said Ms. Anglade in a press release on Saturday.

The Liberal leader participated , Saturday morning, at the gathering of the organization Ma place au travail, in Quebec City, which aimed to mark the first anniversary of the group and support families who have to sacrifice their return to work for lack of space in daycare .

While the CAQ government will table its budget on March 22, Ms. Anglade denounced the economic impact that “the CAQ’s inaction” would have caused in the childcare file.

“We are in a labor shortage such as we have never experienced, but by limiting the return to work of women, the CAQ is also harming our economic development,” she explains.

Other proposals

The PLQ also proposes making access to daycare services a right like the one provided for in the law on public education. The party also wants to ensure that “the 51,000 children waiting for a place in daycare all have a place, in particular by prioritizing the creation of infant places (0-18 months) and in the workplace”. The implementation of this measure would be spread over five years.

Ms. Anglade's party would also like to convert 67,000 unsubsidized childcare spaces into subsidized spaces, to ensure that all Quebec parents pay the same rate of $8.70.

Au Saturday's rally in Quebec City, Ms. Anglade was accompanied by the family's Liberal spokesperson, Jennifer Maccarone and the spokesperson for the status of women, Isabelle Melancon.

Ms. Maccarone is of the opinion that under the CAQ government, access to childcare services would have declined in Quebec.

“When the Prime Minister calls the election, his government will have closed more child care spaces than it has opened. A negative balance,” she believes.

For her part, Ms. Melançon is reoccupied by the impact of the lack of space for women in Quebec.

“I find that unacceptable that parents, and mostly women, have to sacrifice their careers because they don’t have access to childcare,” she says.

More details to come.

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