Siella: sexy AND comfortable underwear

Siella: underwear sexy AND comfortable clothes

Siella, a Montreal-based women-led company, was born in 2020. It was by realizing the need to be comfortable at home in the midst of a pandemic , without wanting to compromise on the look, that the brand was born.

Siella allows women of all body types to find comfort and sensuality in her underwear. But not only! Although they sell bralettes, bras and underwear in different styles, there are also loungewear such as leggings, tank tops, sweaters and shorts.

Siella : sexy AND comfortable underwear

Courtesy, Siella

Siella: underwear sexy AND comfortable

Courtesy, Siella

What makes these pieces designed in Montreal so comfortable? It is the absence of underwire in the bras, the elasticity and the softness of the fabrics which make the effect of a second skin, explains Dina Stillinato, French-speaking spokesperson for the brand with whom we discussed.  

Several pieces are indeed made of cotton, without seams that hug the skin, for a visually appealing result. 

Launched and supported by their parent company Château Bodywear, which has been around since 1944, the brand wanted to create products for a variety of bodies: “Everyone has different challenges, everyone has different bodies, and everyone is important” , explains Dina Stillinato. We can indeed observe on their website different silhouettes, cellulite, skin folds, a variety of ages and ethnicities.  

The company, led by women , supports understanding the reality and daily challenges of these:  

For too long, lingerie was either sexy and uncomfortable or basic and comfortable. We have combined comfort with sensuality by creating high-end lingerie at affordable prices.

Dina Stillinato

Prices for bras indeed range from $33 to $48. Shorts sell for around $35 and briefs, a little more expensive, can be found between $18 and $28, depending on their coverage and the fabric. 

What's next? Siella for the sequel? She hopes to grow in Canada, the United States and be distributed in high-end stores. Getting to the top of the mountain, what!  

To shop their products, visit their website.  

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