Simon Houle sentenced to one year in prison

Simon Houle sentenced ; to one year in prison

Simon Houle

Simon Houle, an engineer convicted of sexual assault and absolved for not harming his career, was finally sentenced to one year in prison by the Quebec Court of Appeal.

Mr. Houle had sexually assaulted a female friend – at the material time – while they were both under the effects of alcohol. In an initial decision, a judge, Mathieu Poliquin, found him guilty, but concluded that sentencing him would have a “disproportionate” impact on his career as an engineer. He had also argued that the assailant was intoxicated and that the attack had been of short duration.

The decision of the Court of Appeal, rendered in Quebec, states that Judge Poliquin appears “to have lost sight of the offense of voyeurism at the time of sentencing”. The Court thus annuls his conditional discharge for sexual assault and voyeurism. As a result, Simon Houle will spend twelve months behind bars.

The engineer had taken advantage of his friend’s intoxication and sleep to undress her, insert his fingers into her vagina and take pictures of the naked victim.

His absolution had thus caused a strong reaction from the Quebec population. The case escalated further when another alleged victim accused him of grabbing her buttocks while she was at an all-inclusive in Cayo Coco, Cuba, after her absolution.

He will therefore also soon be tried for breach of probation.

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