Singer Andy St-Louis loses her Facebook account…and her 26,000 subscribers

Singer Andy St-Louis loses her Facebook account…and her 26,000 followers

Wiped off the map. Sent to digital oblivion. All without reason and without any explanation. Singer Andy St-Louis, known in particular for his humorous songs broadcast on social media, such as YouTube, Facebook, or even the Twitch platform, is living “her worst nightmare”.

His professional Facebook and Instagram accounts, on which the artist relies to build his musical career and share his creations with his public, were reportedly banned yesterday, before being deleted this morning. Plunged into immense disarray, the singer appealed for help from her Twitter account.

“My name is Andy St-Louis, I am a singer songwriter and my Facebook account which has 26,000 followers has been banned. It may not be a lot for some (26000) but it is for me. I'm not very famous yet, but I'm on my way and I'm working very hard to become one, ”testified the emerging musician, her throat tight.

“They didn't explain to me why, I don't know what happened. I tried to challenge the decision and was told no. I lost access to my professional accounts where my videos have been shared thousands of times,” laments the artist.

< p>It took me so, SO long to build a decent reach. Starting from scratch is quite simply like going down Everest and having to start over.

Andy St-Louis, singer, songwriter from Quebec.

“I can't afford to lose this platform”

On Twitter, Andy St-Louis has invited Internet users to share his publication as much as possible, in the hope that someone who can help him will come forward. The singer would like to get in touch with an employee of the “meta” so that this person restores her account and her access.

“All my work is on social networks, mainly Facebook. I can't afford to lose this platform. Please retweet for a meta employee to see this message.

A graduate of the National School of Song, Andy St-Louis has already released two albums. She performed as part of the Francos de Montréal festival in 2019. The musician has acquired a certain notoriety on the internet, with “capsules of songs of circumstances” on social networks.

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