“Sitka”: a little piece of Alaska with Andréanne A. Malette

“Sitka”: a little piece of Alaska with Andréanne A. Malette

Andréanne A Malette snapped a photo of her audience at the end of her show at the Francos de Montréal 2022 , Friday evening

Andréanne A. Malette loves the Francos. Even more, Andréanne A. Malette trips on the Francos. Since 2014, she has given a show every year at Les Francos. The year 2022 was not going to be an exception to its rule, and it was Friday evening, the day before the end of the festival, that the annual meeting took place, in the intimacy of a TD Studio with an entirely occupied and infatuated floor. pop bathed in the singer's folk.

The author of these lines had attended the 2017 version of this Andréanne-Francos romance, on an outdoor stage, under a blazing sun. An artist still a child then tamed popular recognition outside Star Académie (she was from the 2012 cohort) with her joyful ritornello Crazy, which looped everywhere, and which had this that evening was decorated with a plaque highlighting its number 1 in the Top 100 BDS Francophone. Andréanne was promising, but seemed shy.

In 2022, five years more mature and experienced, our seasoned veteran is much more proud. Guitar glued to the pelvis, the singer-songwriter jokes, tells herself, sketches a piece composed in childhood which was played with two fingers on the piano (it sounds like the indicative of A man at home), dares a teasing of “craque de totons”, escapes some bullshit with his musicians, the sober number of four on stage. It must be said that the context of Studio TD (formerly Astral) encourages small talk.

“Have you listened to the last two editions of Star Académie? We were better, huh?” she snarls before revisiting The Other Shore, her first solo success.

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Rejuvenating trip

It is her third album, the excellent Sitka, launched at the beginning of 2021 (“the worst time in the world” to release a record according to her, because of the pandemic), that this worthy heiress of Francine Raymond, Lynda Lemay and other greats of the same lineage, accustomed to the Festival international de la chanson de Granby (where she was a semi-finalist in 2008 and to which she still collaborates each year), has been scumming in theaters for a year. That same Sitkanominated at the last ADISQ gala in the Album of the Year – Adult Contemporary category.

This Sitkawhose genesis she explained on Friday: for her 30th birthday, Andréanne took a trip-assessment in Alaska, just to make peace with the difficult parts of her past, those that we all drag in our bags hiking and which make the road heavier. Arrived between the cities of Sitka and Ketchikan, she landed, noted in pencil, on a lined sheet, these bugs she wanted to get rid of, made origami with the paper until creating a small boat. and, at full moon, threw him into the water. “I don't forget/but it's time to let go/look ahead, not counting the steps and the years/heavy hearted, light hearted,” she sums up in the very apt chorus of Light heart, one of the first excerpts from the disc.

Inspirational and poetic? Definitely. We would like to go and beat down the cackle of our own demons in these same tracks. Friday, Andréanne was dressed in pale, perhaps to evoke those rejuvenating and liberating Alaskan hues engraved on her Sitka .

The project may have served as a outlet for its creator, it is far from gray for all that. His bandand herself deliver the content by tapping their feet, dancing, the instruments dangling, and the spectators hesitate between waddling their upper bodies or simply stopping to capture all the nuances of these pretty texts while introspection and in depth, those of a girl who has made her way despite her relatively young age: Taking the time,One by one, The blaze >(which deals with domestic violence)…

The music of Andréanne A. Malette is chiseled for the radio waves – perhaps not voluntarily, we believe to detect – but never pours into sentimentality or ease. Bass and sometimes predominant drums are the mark of a consistent, generous and intelligent pop. Who would have thought, for example, that a dream entitled Alaska could have carried such a warm touch of exoticism, well-rhythmized by percussion, shaken by maracas?  

The advanced performance, her guitarist accomplice and co-producer, and great friend of hers, Antoine Lachance, polished one of his own pebbles, Each time, reinvention very personal to the classic Time After Time, by Cyndi Lauper.

Afterwards, Andréanne invited us to “sing well, very loudly” her magnificent Here and Elsewhere , taken from her second opus (eponymous, 2017), a sincere ode to self-affirmation.

She saves the most loaded for the end, in particular The shock wave , which is reminiscent of the November Dehors of Colocs. And it ends in the widespread, frank, festive clapping of hands on Fou, whose small crowd sinks its teeth into the words of the chorus.

Andréanne A Malette continues his Sitka tour. All dates are available on its website.

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