Snakes saved from the flames

Snakes saved from the flames

Michael Cloutier recovers his snake from the hands of a firefighter during the building fire where his apartment was located.

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Marc-André Pelletier, Le Nouvelliste Shawinigan local journalism initiative – Michaël Cloutier saw his home destroyed by flames during a violent fire on Monday evening in the Grand-Mère sector. The young man may have lost all his material possessions, but he saved the essential: his animals.

Eleven snakes, a dog, a rabbit and a guinea pig were extirpated from the principal concerned's burning apartment.

Monday evening, the scene had something to fascinate: the firefighters who mainly rescued pythons, taking them at arm's length while they squirmed.

“They were a bit crazy,” smiles Michaël Cloutier when asked how the firefighters reacted to the idea of having to save such a range of animals.

“I have $ 5,000 to $ 6,000 worth of animals, I did not want to lose everything, I wanted at least that we can save '' my life ''” explains the man, who had, according to his estimates, $ 10,000 in aquariums of all kinds before the blaze at the start of the week.

“I can't stop and let it go. I have to stand and feed my animals. It's my passion, ”he sighs, at the thought of having to start from scratch to settle in a new home.

“I have already found a new place with the same owner that I had. It's difficult, but I put my suspenders back on, ”says Mr. Cloutier, who had only lived in the place for a month and a half.

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