Snow loading will begin Friday in Montreal

The snow loading will begin Friday in Montreal

As of tomorrow, at the stroke of seven o'clock, a loading operation for the large amount of snow cleared in recent hours will be initiated at Montreal.

This is the third operation of this kind undertaken by the central city, she said in a press release.

A team of 3,000 people will take part in its smooth running and nearly 2,200 vehicles of snow removal will swarm in the many arteries of the metropolis.

The strategy put forward by the city center to “facilitate the movement of as many people as possible” is to prioritize “the main arteries, the lanes reserved for public transport and the circuits of ;bus”.

To ensure the efficiency of the snow removal operation, the City of Montreal indicates that various measures have been implemented such as some “7,600 free incentive parking spaces, mostly available at night” available to motorists in addition to “rapid removal of parking bans once loading is complete”.

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