“Snowbirds”: travel tips for returning home


The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Canadian Snowbird Association are issuing a series of recommendations for Canadians who have passed the winter abroad, before they begin their return home.

They are generally advised to plan their spring trip to Canada in advance.

Crossing the border

The agency asks “snowbirds” to take certain precautions, such as checking waiting times at the border and having their < strong>travel documents at hand when passing through. Travelers planning to cross the border by land are encouraged to pass through during off-peak hours.

For citizens returning by plane, through the international airports of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg, Halifax, Quebec, Ottawa, Billy-Bishop and Calgary, Agence reminds that it is possible to save time by submitting the customs and immigration declaration to the CBSA in advance. This can be done with the CBSA Advance Declaration feature in the ArriveCAN app.


The agency advises travelers that it is prohibited to transport cannabis across the border “in any form”. It also advises against importing raw poultry products or by-products.

People traveling with pets should expect to present documentation when crossing the border.

Another point, the Agency emphasizes that travelers are required to declare their goods when entering Canada and must be able to provide receipts for goods purchased during their stay. . Currencies or monetary instruments with a value of CAD $10,000 must be declared.

Duty and tax exemptions apply. “After a stay of seven days or more abroad, you can import goods free of duties and taxes up to a value of $800 CAD,” details the CBSA.

Finally, people wishing to import a vehicle temporarily or permanently will have to comply with certain rules.

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