Solutions for enhancing the role of women in theatre

Des pistes de solution pour accroître la place des femmes au théâtre

Mayi-Eder Inchauspé, director of administration and human resources SPACE GB, Micheline Chevrier, artistic and general director, Nathalie Maillé, executive director of the Conseil des arts de Montréal, Marie-Ève Milot, co-artistic director of the Theatre of the Hungry and representative of the F. E. T., Ginette Noiseux, director general and artistic director of ESPACE GO and Elkahna Talbi, author, poet and actress

November 5, 2019 17h32


Solutions for enhancing the role of women in theatre

Stéphanie Marin

The Canadian Press


The Site feminist 2019 on the place of women in theatre has unveiled its report on Tuesday morning in Montreal, with recommendations to achieve gender parity and bring down “the glass curtain”.

The authors and the metteures stage are faced with the glaring inequalities that persist between women and men, is it clear in the report.

The solutions identified are from an event that brought together nearly 1,000 participants at Théâtre Espace Go, in April last, for an entire week.

He was going on including this statement : from 2012 to 2017, of the 151 rooms that have been featured on the scenes francophones in Montreal and Quebec city, only 19 % of the texts, and 19 % stage had been entrusted to women.

To achieve gender parity in the theatre community of quebec, the management committee has highlighted these suggestions : the creation of committees-council feminists within the various arts councils, the creation of statistical tools on gender and gender equality and the redistribution of public funding — including through the application of quotas and the parity, the use of parity as a criterion of evaluation in the allocation of public funds, and a catch-up history.

“We do not want that they [women] should be funded because they are women. But because they are women, they are less funded”, has shown Ginette Noiseux, the general and artistic director of Espace Go. “We need to give them the means.”

The report also recommends the creation of awards to recognise the achievements of creative drama and the reform of the existing prices. Currently, only one prize out of nine bears the name of a woman of the theater, the prix Denise-Pelletier.

“This report is intended as a reference and a source of inspiration for all women who fight for gender parity in the theatre,” said Mayi-Eder Inchauspé, director of administration and human resources Space to Go, during the press briefing held at the theatre in Montreal.


And in order to establish the current picture of the situation in Quebec, new statistics have been compiled for the Construction of a feminist.

“Regardless of the angle under which are looked at the data, women continue to be significantly under-represented in the space of the theatrical creation of the scenes in montreal, and francophone quebec”, said Marie-Ève Milot, co-artistic director of the Theatre of the Hungry and representative of the Women for equity in theatre (F. E. T.).

For the season 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, they are only responsible for 37 % of the texts and 33 % of the staged. If these percentages seem better than the previous, the statistics show however that women are confined to small rooms where they must mostly be autoproduire, with few financial resources and few human resources to create.

It is an improvement, but we’re not talking about parity, ” said Ms. Milot, who believes that radical measures are required for the theatre better reflects society.

It is necessary that all should pass to the action that it does not return just to the authors and to the other artists of the theatre of the “breaking the glass curtain”.

During the press conference, a new award has been announced, which is the price Jovette-Marchessault, to highlight the important contribution of women artists in theatre. With a $ 20,000 scholarship, it bears the name of this novelist, poet, playwright, painter and sculptor of montreal, who lived from 1938 to 2012. The first winner will be known in may 2020.

The Site feminist has been organized by the Espace Go in collaboration with the Women’s movement for equity in theatre (F. E. T.).

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