Some promises from Steve Lussier

Some promises from Steve Lussier

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Jonathan Custeau La Tribune Here are some of the promises that Steve Lussier made during his election campaign in 2017.

Two terms maximum at the town hall

Reform of the executive committee by having seven advisers sit on it alternately

Abolition of the position of Chairman of the Board

Animation of council meetings by the mayor

Improvement of activities at Mont Bellevue

Implementation of measures to encourage the greening of buildings

Maintenance of the debt level and gradual reduction of it

Creation of a regional summit on the social economy

Webcast of municipal council meetings

Create a meeting space between citizens and the mayor

Annual consultation of citizens in the boroughs so that they take part in the city's financial decisions

Development of an international recreational tourism product

Sale of Nikitotek square and the fairgrounds

Investment of $ 500,000 for artists and creators

Creation of 2000 net jobs

Tax freeze for the first year

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