Soon a documentary film on Jean-Marc Vallée

Soon a documentary film on Jean-Marc Vallée

Quebec director and producer Jean-Marc Vallée.

Get out your tissues. A feature documentary on the life and career of Jean-Marc Vallée is in preparation. The film is made thanks to the support and participation of the family of the late Quebec filmmaker, his sons Alex and Émile Vallée and their mother Chantal Cadieux.

This production is a tribute to the talented director who died on December 25th. He will draw an intimate portrait of his impressive professional life, which took him from Quebec City to Hollywood.

Team Words

“Jean-Marc and I had been friends since the release of C.R.A.Z.Y.. His sudden departure leaves me speechless. However, I feel the need to express my love and gratitude to him loud and clear. CUT PRINT THANK YOU BYE will be my way of paying homage to him, of keeping him alive, of mourning, using our common language: cinema,” said director Marie-Julie Dallaire, who also directed the documentary Comme une vague for which Jean-Marc Vallée was the executive producer.

“Jean-Marc's departure left a gaping hole in our lives . This great emptiness brought about a rapprochement between all those who knew him. CUT PRINT THANK YOU BYE is intended to be a work of sharing and memory, so that everyone has access to this great man of cinema, our friend Jean-Marc Vallée”, for his part testified the producer Pierre Even, who had also produced C.R.A.Z.Y. and Café de Flore, two important films by Vallée.

“Cinema is a ribbon of dreams, inspired by the desire to share the human experience of loving and being loved. Jean-Marc understood this… Why make a film about JMV? Because we must not forget that we must dream, that we must love, that we must share. For the rest of the world », added Yves Bélanger, director of photography this project, a long-time collaborator of Vallée, notably on Dallas Buyers Club, Wild, Demolition, Sharp Objectsand Big Little Lies.

It will be a ultimate opportunity to spend time with this extraordinary artist, gone too soon.

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