Sound bites: eating alone… or not

Sound-bites: eating alone .e… or not  

Sound bites are available exclusively at Central.

It's not always easy to enjoy your meal when you eat alone in the middle of a crowded food court, quickly before returning to work or meeting a friend. To dispel discomfort or boredom, the Sound bites available at the Le Central food court come to add their two cents to your solitary meals. 

For some time now, Le Central has been dotted with large codes QR. Glued to the tables and posted on the walls, they are not used to find the menus of all the restaurants in the square, but refer to the Bouchées sonores website.  

These kinds of interactive podcasts, created by the Montreal studio Daily tous les jours, have been specially designed to accompany you during a meal and encourage you to appreciate your solitude as much as the dish on your plate.   

Two fifteen minute long episodes are already available: “You are not alone” and “Vegetable pornography”. A third episode entitled “Magic” is in preparation and will soon be added to the menu.

As its name suggests, the first questions us about our ability to eat alone without feeling deep discomfort. Throughout the episode, we are given instructions, challenged and asked several existential-greedy questions that do not fail to win a few smiles.

Buchés sound: eat alone… or not  

Sound-bites: eating alone.e… or not  

Buch&eacute ;es sound: eat alone… or not  

Screenshots, Les Bouchées sonores

The second episode, which “exposes us to the unbridled sexuality of nature”, offers a more sensual and humorous experience, since the only two activities that solicit our five senses are “eating and fucking”, we learn.

In both cases, we must recognize that the Sound bites win the bet to make us have a good time. Only downside, between the music, the chatter and the noise of the kitchen, Le Central can be quite noisy. We therefore advise you to find a quiet corner (there are some) and above all not to forget your (good) headphones!

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