Space for Life unveils the Aisha-Savoie-Weider Gallery

Space for Life unveils the Aisha-Savoie-Weider Gallery

Inauguration of the Aisha-Savoie-Weider Gallery at the Biodôme in anticipation of the Space for Life financing event.

The Space for Life Foundation unveils the designation of the Aisha-Savoie-Weider Gallery for the first edition of its November 16 fundraising event. This designation aims to recognize the generosity of the Weider family, in particular Louis Weider, who contributed to an exceptional donation to Space for Life.

The Gallery is named in memory of Aisha Savoie-Weider, in order to honor her commitment to animals and nature and will henceforth welcome visitors to the verdant universe of the tropical rainforest. of the Biodôme.

“The Biodôme and the other Space for Life natural science museums are institutions of great vitality,” says Sébastien Fassier, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Space Foundation. for life, “they make us appreciate our connection to nature, they help us teach our children the importance of animals and the environment, and with the extraordinary generosity of Louis Weider and the Weider family, we we can ensure that they continue to shine at the heart of the community for generations to come. »

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