Special song [VIDEO]

Special song [VIDEO]

Cap-Chat / Montreal, Patrice Michaud, Le triangle des Bermudes (2011)

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Steve Bergeron La Tribune Important date tomorrow for singer Patrice Michaud, who will be in his forties. You can raise your glass to his health while listening to one of his greatest hits like General Mechanics , Kamikaze or The Rainy Season . Or one of his more confidential songs. For that, it's simple: get your hands on his first album, which at its release had a much less public than critical success. The Bermuda Triangle nevertheless contains several jewels, including the very last beach, one of those monologues of which the GaspĂ©sien has the secret. Perhaps he will return to this text himself on Sunday, because Cap-Chat / Montreal is a bit like his story, and also that of all the people who have, one day, left a region for the greater city, not knowing where they would end up. “I don't know where I'm going,” he wrote ten years ago. Today, let's bet he knows a little more …

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