Spring floods: the situation is now stable in Montreal

Floods spring storms: the situation is now stable in Montreal

Montreal goes into recovery mode

The City of Montreal is going into recovery mode, one month after having raised the alert about the risk of flooding caused by spring flooding on its territory.

The situation has stabilized, concluded the director of the Fire Safety Service and civil security coordinator for the agglomeration of Montreal , Richard Liebmann.

“The flow at Carillon has fallen below the minor flood threshold and that of the Rivière des Prairies below the land impact threshold,” he said in a press release on Wednesday.

While the progressive dismantling of the dikes and the various protective measures in place to protect the properties indicate the end of a crisis, assistance on the ground will continue.

“Civil security continues to mobilize and continues to support the boroughs and related towns affected by the spring floods,” assured Richard Liebmann.

Between May 4 and 8, five people had to be evacuated from their home on Île Mercier. The Red Cross had taken care of them.

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