“Star bubbles”: stars, clicks and confidences

«Star bubbles&raquo ; : stars, clicks and confidences

Marie-Hélène Thibault embodies an impertinent cultural columnist in the web series Bulles de star

Gabrielle, a smug and not particularly delicate or even talented artistic columnist, interpreted by Marie-Hélène Thibault, receives personalities one-on-one in a restaurant and clumsily tries to extract juicy confidences from them… to “make them click” with “clickbait of quality”!

This is the fun starting point for the web capsules Bulles de star, produced by Sonia Cordeau (Les Appendices, Like-Moi!, Léo), who had handled the camera within his troupe of the Appendices, but who assembles here a first project of his signature, in collaboration with Dave Bélisle, and whose texts are signed Marie-Ève ​​Larivière.

“If I weren't there, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse would have just renovated her dog's kennel, Cœur de pirate would sell Beaver Tails at La Ronde and Koriass would still live in Saint-Eustache,” proclaims Gabrielle, alias our Francine Grimaldi. of the poor, in one of the episodes, thus illustrating his propensity for name dropping.

Suffer to be a < em>star

In her “Des bulles crisse” or “Clic-Bête” sweaters, our impertinent interviewer confronts big names like Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Fabien Cloutier, Mathieu Dufour or Marc Labrèche with her strange incompetence. Poor Fabien Cloutier is questioned about his lifestyle and his clothing, Élodie Grenier (the Toddlers' Passe-Partout) is ridiculed for her status as a toddler's favorite and Mathieu Dufour is accused of being a impostor.

The more the thumbnails progress, the more Gabrielle shows her teeth, for the pleasure of her subscribers. “After all, you have to suffer to be a star“, decrees you -she. Marc Labrèche (whom Gabrielle suspects of “never shit”) will end up putting the cackle down on him by putting his lack of culture back on his face.

«Star Bubbles»  : stars, clicks and confidences

Marc Labrèche, in the episode of Bulles de star which is dedicated to him
Courtesy TV5 Unis

The concept of opposing “real” stars to fictional characters who laugh at their shortcomings is nothing new, from Raymond Beaudoin of Pierre Brassard of Bleu Poudre to Jowanne, the stars' shrinkcamped by Marie-Ève ​​Morency on HERE Tou.tv.

Fortunately, the new variant brought by Bulles de star does not smack too much of repetition, and Marie-Hélène Thibault's talent for playing arrogance (which e remember her role as a frustrated roommate, Sophie Gaucher, in Catherine) never lied. In the shoes of the groupie waitress, witness to these exchanges as spicy as they are tasty, Fabiola Nyrva Aladin is also very endearing.

The six capsules of Bulles de star are available online now at tv5unis.ca.

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