Station in the edible products of cannabis, which are taking a longer time to take effect [VIDEO]

Gare aux produits comestibles de cannabis, qui mettent plus de temps à faire effet [VIDÉO]

A shop of cannabis in Toronto

6 January 2020 14: 21


Station in the edible products of cannabis, which are taking a longer time to take effect [VIDEO]

Camille Bains

The Canadian Press


VANCOUVER – people who have never smoked marijuana may be at greater risk of overdose by consuming edible products derived from the cannabis plant which will soon be offered in some provinces, warns a public health physician.

Dr. Lawrence Loh, an assistant professor at the School of public health Dalla Lana University of Toronto, is concerned that these neophytes continue to eat waiting for the “buzz”, which could lead to heart palpitations, anxiety and panic attacks.

The specialist said that an overdose often means a visit to the emergency room for those who do not know that the effects of the marijuana contained in the edible product can take several hours to manifest – it takes more time to digest and absorb food in the small intestine to pass into the blood by the alveoli in the lungs, the THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

The elderly are particularly at risk because of a slower metabolism, explained dr Loh.

Federal regulations set a limit of 10 mg THC per serving – products must be individually packaged. But someone who would eat an entire package of products to cannabis could consume 100 mg of THC and exposed to risk, ” warns the doctor. “I think that’s important, especially for neophytes or those who have children at home, it is first of all to avoid drug overdoses.”

Dr. Loh is the co-author of an article on the subject published Monday in the Journal of the canadian medical Association”.

The authorities warn that the effects of the products of cannabis edible can begin to be felt up to 60 minutes or more after ingestion, and can last up to 8 hours or more. The canadian Centre for fight against alcoholism and drug abuse recommended in July that anyone who has never smoked or vapoté of cannabis does not consume more than 2.5 mg of THC in a product – and that it expects to feel the effects before taking more.

The federal regulations governing the edibles, the drinks, the products of vaping and topical forms of cannabis came into force last October, a year after Canada legalized the cannabis, fresh or dried, oil, plants and seeds.

In Quebec, the only edible products that are allowed for the moment, since the 1st of January, are the ready-to-drink and infusions of cannabis, as well as the powder of decarboxylated cannabis (the cannabis décarb”). The quebec government has not allowed the sweets, confectionery, desserts, chocolate, or “any other product deemed attractive to people under 21 years of age”. The topical products will not be sold by the québec Society of cannabis.



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