Stop Scratching Hard Brown Sugar, Here's How To Soften It

Stop scratching hard brown sugar, here's how to soften it

Feel like baking your famous banana bread and battling with hard brown sugar is one step too many? Stop the fight! Here's how. 

The two ultimate tricks 

Place the ball of hardened brown sugar (yum, appetizing) in a container that fits in the microwave and heat it for a few seconds. Once warmed, the brown sugar will become malleable again, but only temporarily, so it will need to be used quickly.

The other option is to simply use a cheese grater. Just take a piece of hard brown sugar and grate it as if it were a good brick of parmesan cheese. This will give you sugar of normal consistency.

But first, how do you prevent the brown sugar from becoming dry?

To avoid this and delay the change in texture, we advise you to transfer your brown sugar from its original bag to an airtight container. You can even add another food to it so that the humidity of the latter is transferred to your sugar: this will, once again, save time. There is of course the classic slice of bread (but be careful, don't forget to change it after a few days!) or the marshmallow, which will survive better over time.

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