“Submersible” by Carolanne Foucher: a sensitive and moving poetry

&laquo ;Submersible» by Carolanne Foucher: a sensitive and moving poetry

Submersible, the new collection of narrative poetry by Carolanne Foucher, begins tragically with suicide of a lover. From there, the author tells a moving story of mourning and reconstruction marked by visits to the shrink, a new attempt at love and rereading notes in the cell phone.

Despite the harshness of the subject, one cannot help devouring each page, savoring each word. The simple, sincere and sensitive pen of the author, who indulges in romanticism and humor, wounds and comforts in turn, sometimes at the same time.

Beautiful and overwhelming, it manages to bring a little light into the darkness, to give the feeling that you can get your head above water even when you feel completely overwhelmed .

In bookstores at Éditions de Ta mère.

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