Subway stations 'renamed' in honor of Star Wars

Subway stations “renamed” in honor of Star Wars

To mark Star Wars Day this May 4, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) has had the brilliant idea of ​​“renaming” nine subway stations with references to the George Lucas franchise. The result is hilarious!

Shared on Facebook, the images garnered thousands of interactions and more than 800 shares. We understand why: the puns chosen are enough to make you smile.

We fell in love with the “Fabre-Laser”, “Peelpatine”, “Jarry-Jarry-Binks” and “Chewbacadie” stations.

And the jokes on the subway don't just stop at the original Star Wars movies released between 1970 and 2005.

The recent series The Mandalorian on Disney+ was not spared. It also gives its name to two stations on the orange (and green) line: “Lionel-Grogu” and “Mandalaurier”.

Even the character of Boba Fett is there, with the station… “Beaubien-Fett”. Genius.

One thing is certain, there are a few geeks among STM community managers.

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