Success across the board for Sherbrooke – Operation Local

Success across the board for Sherbrooke - Operation Local

The Sherbrooke – Local Operation campaign was a great success. In a few days, Commerce Sherbrooke has passed 4,000 vouchers put into circulation Thursday on the platform of La Ruche-Estrie.

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Andréanne Beaudry La Tribune Sherbrooke – Sherbrooke residents seem determined to support their local businesses. After having sold in less than 14 hours the first 2,500 vouchers put into circulation on Thursday on the La Ruche-Estrie platform, the Sherbrooke – Operation Local campaign has found takers for the 1,500 additional vouchers. Sunday morning, in just under 48 hours, Commerce Sherbrooke announced on its Facebook page that they were already sold.

At a cost of $ 30, the vouchers were increased by $ 10 by the City of Sherbrooke via the Commerce Sherbrooke organization, which oversees the project. About fifty businesses participated in the project to ensure a certain influx during these crucial weeks.

In less than three days, the Sherbrooke – Operation Local campaign will have raised an amount of $ 120,000 for a total investment of $ 160,000 in the local economy.

“We have a collective responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the businesses that we love so much. Actively supporting our local businesses, it pays off for all of us, ”said the general manager of Commerce Sherbrooke, Charles-Olivier Mercier, at the start of the campaign, last Thursday.

“Even though this campaign is a great success, Sherbrooke businesses will continue to need your support and your confidence to get through the coming months. This is why we invite everyone to think local, to think of Sherbrooke for their purchases, ”recalls Commerce Sherbrooke.

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Remember that if this first participatory campaign launched in collaboration with La Ruche Estrie targets shopping, Commerce Sherbrooke wishes to deploy two other campaigns within the next few months to help various sectors of activity that have been particularly affected by the pandemic. .

These will be devoted respectively to personal care and well-being, followed by outings and cultural experiences. The dates of these campaigns will be announced later, depending on the restrictions in force. In all, $ 300,000, or $ 225,000 from citizens and $ 75,000 from Commerce Sherbrooke, will be invested in local businesses if the three campaigns achieve their objectives.

Vouchers will be sent to backers, by participating merchants, over the next few weeks following the campaign end, including December 2. Note that the reception can extend until the third week of the same month.

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