Surprise pregnancy for Maripier Morin

Surprise pregnancy for Maripier Morin< /p>

Maripier Morin took everyone by surprise by announcing Thursday morning that she was pregnant and that she was going to become a mother in two weeks.

The former host revealed the news by showing her rounded belly accompanied by a long declaration of love to her own mother, Marie-Claude, for the “late” Mother's Day.

She also confides that she is “full of fear” a few days before giving birth, but is delighted to welcome her new child – whose gender has not yet been revealed – with her partner, actor Jean-Philippe Perras.

< p>Here is the full message:

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“In more or less 2 weeks, I will be a mother. My boyfriend tells me that I've already had it for almost 9 months and he's not entirely wrong. For 9 months, I've been taking care of myself, to take care of you. With each little (or big) blow you give, my heart breaks with love. Anxiety and worry are already causing me insomnia. But what predominates is the enormous gratitude I feel for having the ultimate privilege of carrying life.

Inevitably, I think of you mom. You to whom I speak at least 10 times a day, which earned me the nickname of big cord! Like what, the fact of having left home at 12 did not cut the invisible umbilical cord that binds us…

I can say today that I have the best mother in the world . You will tell me that I have a bias…

I really like the sentence:    all women have a Wonder Woman costume under their pajamas . But know that Wonder Woman, she has a Marie-Claude costume.

You had us, my brothers and me, respectively at 22, 25 and 30 years old. All this while working full time.

You accompanied us to ALL our activities, our courses by finding the time to obtain your certificate in literature, by also taking violin lessons AND by being at the head of several committees.

Fortunately, dad was still there, you did it as a team.

Your only moments: your famous zumba class as well as your daily date with Virginie and your Ah! Caramel.
I can see today that I had a mother who was stronger than strong: rigorous, hard-working, loving, sensitive, creative and present.

At the dawn of becoming a mother myself, I am filled with fear. Am I going to be able to measure up to you?

And I think the answer is yes, because you will be there.

To guide me, I help, hold my hand as you have always done so well.
I am also reassured by the fact that she will have a wonderful dad, loving, gentle, sensitive, attentive and that like dad and you , we're going to do this together, as a team.

The only certainty I have is that this little thing will never lack love.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom (late) »

Maripier Morin has been very, very discreet since singer Safia Nolin made allegations of assault against her in 2020. Last year, however, we learned that she will star of Mariloup Wolfe's next film, Arlette!

The director also commented on Maripier's publication. Marie-Ève ​​Janvier, Maïka Desnoyers and Luce Dufault also congratulated him on Instagram.

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