Suzanne Clément is ready to kick ass

Suzanne Cléé ment is ready to kick some ass

Suzanne Clément in the film “The Origin of Evil”

More adept at biting satires on the ultra-rich at the Succession than an incredible daily newspaper on the life of the staff of a hospital? That's good. The time of a film, on display from January 13, Suzanne Clément swaps her STAT doctor's uniform for that of a prisoner in the noir thriller The Origin of Evil .

The film, a Franco-Quebec co-production directed by French filmmaker Sébastien Marnier, tells the story of Stéphane (Laure Calamy), a woman who reconnects with the outrageously rich father she never knew, thus alerting the another daughter and the wife of the latter, they who feel threatened by having to share their future inheritance.  

Suzanne Clément embodies Stéphane's incarcerated spouse, “a troubled woman who has a certain violence in her, really in love and also very jealous”, describes the actress in an interview with Métro

A physical challenge 

It is among other things a naked battle scene in the prison shower, inspired by a similar scene with Viggo Mortensen in David Cronenberg's film Eastern Promises (2007), which first attracted the actress to this role. Originally longer than what we see in the film, the scene had to be partly cut as it was so violent. 

“It was quite a challenge and I like challenges a lot”, says Suzanne Clément, saying that she had to train even more than she already did to be more muscular in order to interpret her role, which is certainly the most physical she has had to date, which made her want to do more action films.

In addition to her desire to play this famous scene, Suzanne Clément was also very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​working with the director Sébastien Marnier, whose previous films she appreciated, who know how to navigate in intriguing waters and play with the codes of the thriller without being completely . She was also excited to play with Laure Calamy, a “super actress” whose work she greatly admires.

Suzanne Clément is ready to kick ass

Suzanne Clément in the film The Origin of Evil

An international career 

In France for several years, where she has chained appearances on TV and in the cinema, Suzanne Clément has recently returned to Quebec, where she has been the headliner in the daily STAT< since last fall. /em>. Nevertheless, she has not finished shining internationally. She will appear with Jérémie Renier in François Pirot's comedy Ailleurs si j'y suis, which is due to hit theaters later this year.

Last fall, while filming STAT, the actress also traveled back and forth to Toronto to shoot the movie Longing in star sidesPretty Women and Chicago, Richard Gere.

The film is directed by Savi Gabizon, an Israeli filmmaker who signs an American remake of his own film, first made in 2017 in his country of origin and praised by criticism.

Suzanne Clément embodies a woman who returns to the life of her former partner, played by Richard Gere, after 20 years of absence to announce to him that she had a child by him without telling him. . The film tells how the life of the man is turned upside down by this announcement.

The Quebec actress mentions that filming with Richard Gere was something very impressive for her, like a “childhood fantasy” that came true.

In addition to being an exemplary co-worker, the actor turned out to be a “very beautiful human”, according to the actress, who said she was inspired by the star's commitment in humanitarian causes, particularly with homeless people and refugees.

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