Tap, tap, keep on traveling

Tap, tap, keep traveling   

We at Will You Finish Your Plate International Inc. conglomerate are very much on the lookout for trends, whether it's the return of low rise jeans, coasters with “Vindredi” scripted on them or the new thing to fashion: not giving a criminal record to gentlemen who have raped or abused a woman, so as not to prevent them from traveling the world in a really f*cked up version of Mange, pray, like.  

We pretty much all know (if not, take a little chamomile before clicking) the case of Simon Houle, aggressor and engineer (in that order) who, as soon as acquitted by judge Matthieu Poliquin, would have let his hands grab another woman without her consent in a resortCuban. We will therefore not return to this case, except to shout their names while waving our fists in the sky, because it is the only thing we seem to be able to deal with a justice system full of flaws which prefers to re-traumatize the victims rather than making the accused responsible even when the facts are recognized. 


But the summer holidays (and the desire to know nothing more) helping, many may have missed the case of Joshua Schoo, a man from Gatineau who violently attacked his spouse, in front of his children, but who received an absolution for not, and we quote with such gnashing of teeth that our dentist will be able to afford a second chalet, “ruin his career”.

Dab, dab, keep traveling  

Joshua Schoo/Photo taken from Facebook

We therefore note: jumping on someone in the street to strangle them is assault. But jumping on his partner to do the same is domestic violence. And there it is very important to ask for quossé that perhaps it is not completely his fault? The ti-poutte just skipped a mark and he said he regretted it. That's love, Judge.

In his judgment, Judge Serge Laurin points out that with a legal file, Schoo could no longer visit his sister in the United States and spend holidays there with his children (including his 13-year-old daughter, who had to call the police after seeing his father attack his mother, imagine the atmosphere at the Best Western in Burlington!). Isn't the sister doing the reverse route an option? The reasons for wanting to squeal his camp of the States are however not lacking! 

Seems like it's still supremely important that an abuser can still travel. As if the aggressors were to be Quebec's new export, after ice cider and Denis Villeneuve. 

Yes, it is important to take into account the sincere steps of the culprit and the victims' desire for reparation, but the actions should still have repercussions, sometimes. We had more consequences for trying to suspend our subscription to HelloFresh than the eight players of Hockey Canada had for their history of gang rape. Or that the other half-dozen players caught up in another carefully hushed up gang rape story in 2003. 

We're also considering asking Hockey Canada for advice on our insurance renewal, since the organization seems to have had an excellent deal with its broker to cover up stories of sexual assault, so as not to ruin the careers of alleged skate rapists who are talented with the paddle and who might want to be drafted out of the country. Enough to promote both our national sport and our seemingly chronic inability, all provinces combined, to hold aggressors accountable.  

Forget passports, forget baggage management . At this point, it seems like the best way to deal with the chaos at airports would be to start caring more about the victims than about the abusers' right to spend two weeks in Cayo Coco. Already, there would be fewer people in the line at customs. 

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