Tax return: Revenu Québec wants to help students

Declaration taxes: Revenu Québec wants to help students

Revenu Québec would like to guide students who will be required to file a tax return this year. They can count on several types of support, including the digital platform, but also on the help of volunteers for the most modest, through the tax assistance service.

< p>Revenu Québec says that students who combine studies and work, or those who benefit from a student loan or a bursary, should consult the digital platform before filing their declaration. This will let them know what tax credits and deductions they may be entitled to. Many answers to the most frequently asked questions are also offered.

“A student working part-time may be entitled to a refund for amounts withheld in excess of taxes, contributions to the Quebec Pension Plan or contributions to the Quebec Insurance Plan. parental,” explains Revenu Québec.

A possible reimbursement even for the unemployed

Revenu Québec draws attention to the fact that it is wise even for students who have not earned any income during the year to file a tax return. The latter could benefit from certain tax credits, “to defer them or transfer them to another person”. This could be the solidarity tax credit, the tax credit for tuition or examination fees or the amount for interest paid on a student loan. A list of tax credits available to students or their parents is available here.

In addition, other tax advantages could be granted to students, such as the deduction for moving expenses.

Revenu Québec reminds you that low-income individuals can also use some of the tax software authorized by the government for free.

The deadline to submit a tax return this year is May 1, 2023.

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