Taylor Swift against the homophobic in his new song [VIDEO]

Taylor Swift contre les homophobes dans sa nouvelle chanson [VIDÉO]

NEW YORK — The last song Taylor Swift has a new target: the homophobic.

Coinciding with the announcement of its seventh album, “Lover”, the singer has published on Thursday a new title entitled You Need to Calm Down, in which she addresses her own enemies, but also denounces those who attack the community based on sexual orientation.

You Need to Calm Down is the second excerpt of Lover, who will come out on August 23. It is the continuation of ME!, that included Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco and peaked at second place on the Billboard charts Hot 100.

Taylor Swift has also released a colorful video with the lyrics of the new song on YouTube late on Thursday — on the occasion of the month of the pride. A music video will be published on Monday.



The last album of Taylor Swift, reputation, was released in 2017.

In a video broadcast live on Instagram, Thursday, Taylor Swift has described her new album of 18 tracks as “very romantic”.

“I think that the idea that something can be romantic – it shouldn’t necessarily be a merry song”, she said. “I think that it is possible to find romance in solitude, or sorrow, in conflict, or in the management of the things of life. I think [the album] looks at these things with a look that is very romantic.”

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