Tea to imitate your favorite cocktails

Tea to imitate your favorite cocktails

We knew the mocktails, but the teas with the flavors of alcoholic beverages, that's a novelty! And we owe it to a local brand, Davids tea, which, for dry January, developed three original recipes. 

After having celebrated the end of the year well, in January we rather try to reduce our alcohol consumption and even completely stop for a few weeks if we take up the challenge of dry January. With its three new teas that mimic well-known cocktails, Davids tea promises to make your job easier. No need to mix and match, just infuse, wait, add ice, a few ingredients and voila: you have a mocktail!

The Montreal brand thus offers a “gin and tonic” tea, which “tastes exactly like the classic version” according to the description on its site, based on juniper berries (logical), lemongrass, liquorice roots, tea green and common bramble leaves for the tonic side. To perfect it all, you can add a few drops of bitter, tonic soda and a zest of lemon.

The tea “la vida organic coconut”, is inspired by tropical cocktails such as sex on the beach, with a more fruity recipe, with green maté, organic rosebush fruit peel, hibiscus, coconut, and organic goji berries. Served chilled in a cocktail glass, it can be garnished with frozen berries, coconut water and a touch of grenadine.

Finally, the “coffee pu’erh” has every intention of replacing your espresso martini. A blend of pu'erh (a variety of black tea), roasted coffee beans and natural vanilla flavor, it tastes just as well as a mocktail– with a bit of cocoa bitters – as a comforting hot drink. 

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