Tenant advocates in favor of rent control by the Administrative Housing Tribunal

Tenants' defenders in favor of rent control by the Administrative Housing Tribunal

The FRAPRU organization held a demonstration near the offices of the MP Dominique Anglade to ask for more social housing.

The Popular Action Front in Urban Redevelopment (FRAPRU) and the Regrouping of Housing Committees and Tenant Associations of Quebec (RCLALQ) are asking that the rates for calculating the rent of the Administrative Housing Tribunal (TAL) become required.

In a context of high inflation, organizations are concerned about the consequences of the meteoric rise in the cost of rents in Quebec and are asking the government to remedy it. The government is called upon once again to introduce compulsory and universal rent control. The use of TAL estimates should be mandatory.

“For the RCLALQ, forcing owners to respect the rates issued by the TAL would make it possible to counter the phenomenon of abusive increases, but also that of repossessions of housing and illegal evictions. The Government of Quebec must intervene urgently as low-income tenant households are greatly affected by the increase in the price of essential goods.”

While the Administrative Housing Tribunal (TAL) has just announced the applicable percentages for rent increases, the main tenant protection organizations are recalling the existing rights, including the right to refuse a rent increase.

The FRAPRU and the RCLALQ advise tenants to carefully examine their rent increases and to refuse any increase deemed abusive. “Some landlords are visibly taking advantage of the situation to ask for abusive increases, expecting that tenants will submit to them for fear of reprisals such as harassment, or even eviction,” worries his spokesperson, Véronique Laflamme.

Note that after receiving a rent increase notice, a tenant has 30 days to respond to his landlord. To this end, tenants can refuse a rent increase while remaining in their accommodation.

The TAL has published the percentages used to calculate rent increases in 2022, the example of which we reproduce here ;housing rented for $1000 per month.

Tenants' advocates in favor of rent control by the Administrative Housing Tribunal

Source: TAL

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