Terran without land, you’re nothing

Marguerite Théberge, 13 years old, in Secondary 1, found it important to be present at the protest against climate change.
“Later, we will live with the decisions of governments. It’s important to say we’re here. “

It asks the government to take into account that the planet needs help. “We have to make changes, because right now it’s not going well.”

On her sign, she had marked “Earthless Earth, you’re nothing” to remind people that without planet Earth, humans can not exist: “We live on the planet earth, it gives us many beautiful things and we are just destroying it. ”

To save the planet, Marguerite decided to stop eating meat. With her parents, she composes and recycles. “These are small things, but if everyone does it, it’s really going to make a difference.”

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