“That's how I love you”: as much fun as a Slip'n Slide

“It’s how çi love you”: as much fun as sliding in a Slip’n Slide

Marilyn Castonguay and François Létourneau in « That's how I love you”

Get the kids to camp, put on your rayon shirts and get out the crème de menthe, the embargo is lifted! Two years after the first season of the television phenomenon C’est comme ça que je t’aime, the Delisle-Paquettes and their acolytes are back. And it's also fun than a Slip'n Slide.

“I have great plans and I have a lot of violence in me”, launches the new boss of Sainte-Foy, Huguette Delisle, from the first episode of season 2.

After rising to the head of a criminal organization in the summer of 1974, not without having spilled a few – ahem, several – liters of blood, the clan seems more excited than ever to resume its illicit activities.

The new season starts like the first: the couples formed by Gaétan and Huguette Delisle (François Létourneau and Marilyn Castonguay) and Serge and Micheline Paquette (Patrice Robitaille and Karine Gonthier-Hyndman) bring their children to summer camp.

The thunderous quartet have three weeks ahead of them to expand their empire with the complicity of their loyal allies: the Maoist lesbian Marie-Josée (Sophie Desmarais), the lingerie salesman Lucien (Jean-François Provençal) and the unforgettable Coco ( Mani Soleymanlou) and Puff (Mathieu Gosselin).

Their shenanigans will lead them to compete with the Montreal mafia and to meet new characters, interpreted in particular by Steve Laplante, Charlotte Le Bon, Pierre-François Legendre and Emilie Bibeau. It promises!

”It’s how çi love you”: as much fun as sliding in a Slip’n Slide

François Létourneau and Marilyn Castonguay

“The season 2 goes into slightly grittier, sometimes tragic areas, but it's just as funny as the first. I find it more complex and better put together,” rejoices François Létourneau, screenwriter and performer of Gaétan.

If we rely on the first two episodes that we were able to see for the first time, there will be a lot of guns, a lot of cocaine, a lot of curls (courtesy of Serge's perm!), but above all a lot of tension within the couples. .

“The real threat will not come from Montreal, it will come from within. It's going to be quite devastating”, warns the author, taking care not to reveal the details of the plot.

Place aux femmes

< p>”It’s how çi love you”: as much fun as a Slip’n Slide

The sequel to C t's how I love you takes place in the middle of International Women's Year, which will guide the actions of the protagonists. The creator of the series warns us: men will support the feminist demands of their wives, but only up to a point.

A large part of the comic effect of the series is based on this confrontation of mores. “Serge and Gaétan are men of their time,” says François Létourneau, who says he was inspired a lot by his father to create these characters.

“Physically, I have the same mustache and I wear the same little chain my father had at the time. But he was not silly like Gaétan!” he reassures us.

With her responsibilities as a boss, Huguette no longer has time to take care of household chores. Gaétan will try to compensate, not without difficulty. “You know Gaétan, at home, things aren't going well!” laughs Marilyn Castonguay.

For Karine Gonthier-Hyndman, feminism is embodied in all facets of the series. She cites as an example the fact that the male characters also wish to free themselves from the shackles of their time.  

“Everything is deconstructed. In the end, International Women's Year is a pretext for having more freedom, breaking the rules and being delinquent,” she says.

Golden roles

“It”s how çi”love you”: as much fun as a Slip’n Slide

The performers are unanimous: c It's a real privilege and a great pride to play in this major series that became instantly cult as soon as it aired in 2020.

Marilyn Castonguay is oddly attached to Huguette, a character who particularly marked the imagination thanks to her tiger's eye and her emotional complexity.

“Many women have told me that Huguette well, as if they lived through it. It feels good to see someone emancipate themselves, stand up to them, take their place. She has become very important to me.”

“It's really a work that stands out,” says Patrice Robitaille, whose attachment to the project is particularly strong since it is written by his best friend, François Létourneau.

“As an actor, when you have the chance to play in a show likewise, and even more so to have a big score, you say thank you to life.”

Karine Gonthier- Hyndman loves playing Micheline, a character who has a penchant for the festive side of crime. “She is confusing, she has as much will to be a maid as to become a good coke seller. I like its paradoxes.”

An exceptional success

“It’s how çi’love you”: also the fun that’ a Slip’n Slide

Rare fact in Quebec: That's how I love yousucceeds in reaching millennials, a coveted audience that is increasingly losing interest in local productions in favor of English-language series.

What is its secret? François Létourneau notes that his projects, both on TV and in the theatre, have always resonated with young audiences. “There is something in my writing that appeals to them, an irreverent side, an absurdity… These are codes that they understand very well.”

According to Marilyn Castonguay, the quirky tone of the series explains its success. “We are not in the politically correct. It's not clean. We are in the forbidden and we approach themes that we have never seen before.

Beyond the singular character of the series, Karine Gonthier-Hyndman recalls that It is comme ça que je t'aime has an exceptional budget in Quebec television. “There are sets, costumes, special effects, murders, lots of action… If we had more resources in general, we would be able to get out of commonplaces more,” she believes.

Fortunately, we are witnessing a wind of change in the television world, rejoices François Létourneau, who cites as examples the highly anticipated projects of Xavier Dolan (The night where Laurier Gaudreault woke up) and Philippe Falardeau (Le temps des raspberries).

About their characters

People tell me that Gaétan is really cheeky, but I love him. In season 2, he is very much in love with Huguette and he wants to support her in her need for emancipation. He will find it difficult, because he will have to become a housewife.

François Létourneau

Huguette has questions, she wants the good in evil. She is living postpartum in addition to being preoccupied with her responsibilities as a boss. Betrayal is going to be an extremely sensitive chord for her throughout Season 2.

Marilyn Castonguay

The narrative curve of Micheline is contrary to that of season 1. She leaves in full force, very inflamed and intoxicated by their criminal exploits of the last year, but she will quickly fall back.

Karine Gonthier-Hyndman

Serge is a bit like a lion in a cage. He needs change; the perm fits in there! He loves the new power that crime and money give them. He would like the return of these activities to bring him closer to his wife.

Patrice Robitaille

The first six episodes of Season 2 of That's How I Love You > will be offered on Tou.Tv Extra on March 3. The next four will be dropped off there on March 10.

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