The 12 statements most noticed of François Legault in 2019

Les 12 déclarations les plus remarquées de François Legault en 2019

The premier of Quebec, François Legault

December 25, 2019 15h21


The 12 statements most noticed of François Legault in 2019

The canadian Press


The prime minister François Legault is known for his statements up, which may put fire to the powder. List of 12 statements most noticed this year.

January 22,

“We continue to see a lot of French artists among us. I saw lately Zaza, which is a tobacco, as you say.”

Mr. Legault has left journalists puzzled by renaming the French artist Zaz during a press conference in Paris with the president and Emmanuel Macron.

April 2,

“The party must do more to compromise the union.”

The prime minister is involved in the conflict of private work at the smelter ABI plant in Bécancour.

May 28,

“I am glad that the leader of the second opposition group, says she’s not going to spit in the soup. It is not fun, not more, of the hair in the soup.”

He had to apologize to the co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, Manon Massé, for this joke of dubious.

5 June

“This is not inconsistent, and it is even a good thing that some of the jobs less paying to be in factories abroad.”

Mr. Legault has apologised to the workers of the plant, Velan, Montreal, having said that this could be a good thing to move their jobs in India.

September 13,

“The surplus belongs to Quebecers. They do not belong to pressure groups; they do not belong to unions.”

Public sector employees should not expect to obtain wage increases in excess of inflation, has supported the prime minister in Rivière-du-Loup.

18 September

“A class in Quebec, it’s been a long time that it cost around $800,000.”

Mr. Legault has admitted that he knew for a long time that the new classes of kindergarten, four years would cost six times more expensive that what he had promised during the election campaign.

25 September

“For the circulation of the electric automobiles, it’s going to take roads, it’s going to make connections.”

Attacked by Québec solidaire, the prime minister has defended the proposed third road link between Quebec city and Lévis, arguing that it will allow them to move electric vehicles.

23 October

“There are places in certain regions of Quebec where there is only a Rona. But as for me, I try to buy quebec stores in quebec.”

Upset by the dismissal of 60 employees of Rona by the american Lowe’s, François Legault has clearly indicated where he shops when he goes in hardware.

30 October

“The greatest challenge in the next five years, it is to ensure that this money is well used, well managed, efficiently, without p’tits friends.”

It is in these terms that the prime minister has approved the new fiscal pact with the municipalities, with a warning thinly veiled corruption.

7 November

“It is sure that Michel, what he wants, this is the most labor possible.”

Mr. Legault accused Michel Leblanc, president of the Chamber of commerce of metropolitan Montreal, of wanting more immigrants in order to benefit from a workforce that is cheap.

On the same day, it is targué to have a majority of support (90 per cent) on its page Facebook.

28 November

“My honeymoon has not lasted 14 months with my wife!”

The head of government said he was surprised that a political formation can take advantage of a honeymoon more than 13 months after his arrival to the commands of the State.

29 November

“It does not make sense that family physicians work four or five days a week and can leave patients orphans. (…) If it is necessary, there will be a special law.”

Family physicians have remained baffled by the threat of a special law that was used without warning François Legault during a television interview.

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