The 24th Gala Québec Cinéma is being held tonight, here are the finalists

The 24th Gala Québec Cinéma is being held tonight, here are the finalists

Iris Trophy from the Gala Québec Cinéma

The 24th Gala Québec Cinéma, which rewards the best in cinema quebecois, its artists and its craftsmen by the presentation of the Iris prizes, takes place this evening live from Studio 42 of Radio-Canada. Here is a list of finalists in each category. It will be updated throughout the evening as the winners are announced.

Best Film

    < li>Beans
  • Maria Chapdelaine
  • Norbourg
  • Sin La Habana
  • Drunken Birds

Best Direction

  • Tracey Deer for Beans
  • Sébastien Pilote for Maria Chapdelaine
  • Maxime Giroux for Norbourg
  • Ivan Grbovic for Drunken Birds
  • Kaveh Nabatian for Sin La Habana

Best Screenplay< /h3>

  • Fred Pellerin for The Time Harvester
  • Tracey Deer and Meredith Vuchnich for Beans
  • Sara Mishara and Ivan Grbovic for Drunken Birds
  • Kaveh Nabatian for Sin La Habana
  • Louis Godbout and Normand Corbeil for A Review

Better first movie

  • Beans
  • Bootlegger
  • Sin La Habana

Best Actor (Leading Role)

  • Sylvain Marcel for Aline
  • Robert Naylor for The Noise of Engines
  • Vincent-Guillaume Otis for Norbourg
  • Patrice Robitaille for A review
  • Nguyen Thanh Tri for The Best Country in the World

Best Actress (Leading Role)

    < li>Nour Belkhiria for A Review
  • Émilie Bierre for The Perfect Family Guide
  • Pascale Bussières for  Bootlegger
  • Danielle Fichaud for Aline
  • Hélène Florent for Drunken Birds

Best Actor (Supporting Role)

  • Claude Legault for The Drunken Birds
  • Guillaume Cyr and Meredith Vuchnich for The Time Harvester
  • Martin Dubreuil for Maria Chapdelaine
  • Rabah Aït Ouyahia for A review
  • Émile Schneider for Maria Chapdelaine

Best Actress (Supporting Role)< /h3>

  • Christine Beaulieu for Norbourg
  • Céline Bonnier for The Time Harvester
  • Hélène Florent for Maria Chapdelaine
  • Joséphine Bacon for < em>Bootlegger
  • Marie Johnson for Drunken Birds

Revelation of the 'year

  • Yonah Acosta Gonzales for Sin La Habana
  • Rainbow Dickerson for Beans
  • Jorge Antonio Guerrero for Drunken Birds
  • Sara Montpetit for Maria Chapdelaine
  • Kiawentiio Tarbell for Beans

Best Documentary

  • Archipelago, by Félix Dufour-Laperrière< /li>
  • Like a wave, by Marie-Julie Dallaire
  • Out Serge out, by Martin Fournier and Pier-Luc Latulippe
  • Rumba Rules : New Genealogies, by Sammy Baloji and David N. Bernatchez

Best Short Film fiction

  • Fanmi,by Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers and Carmine Pierre-Dufour
  • In the Jam Jar, by Marie-Julie Dallaire
  • Joutel, by Alexa-Jeanne Dubé 
  • Les grandes slaps, by Annie St-Pierre
  • Ousmane, by Jorge Camarotti&nbsp ;

Best animated short film

  • They dance with their heads, by Thomas Corriveau
  • < li>Grumbling, by Alisi Telengut

  • Lolos, by Marie Valad
  • Weeds, by Claude Cloutier
  • No title, by Alexandra Myotte

Best Documentary Short Film

    < li>Babushka, by Kristina Wagenbauer
  • Perfecting the Art of Longing, by Kitra Cahana 
  • Under the sleeping montage, by Charles Duquet 
  • The Truss Arch, by Sonya Stefan
  • Sometimes I’ would like to find myself on a desert island, by Eli Jean Tahchi

Audience award

  • Maria Chapdelaine
  • Goodbye happiness
  • The perfect victim
  • The Perfect Family Guide
  • Old Buddies
  • Maria< /li>
  • The Drunken Birds
  • The Time Snatcher
  • Sam
  • A review

These 14 prizes will be awarded during the gala presented Sunday evening on ICI Télé live from 8 p.m.

On Sunday afternoon, the film Drunken Birds by director Ivan Grbovic already distinguished itself at the Gala Artisans, the first part of the Gala Québec Cinéma, by winning five Iris awards. L he work that represented Canada at the Oscars this year in the category of best international film won the prizes for best cast of roles, best cinematography, best editing, best sound and best original music.

In all, 16 prizes were distributed during this gala hosted by Guillaume Lambert and presented online.

The Iris-Tribute, which aims to highlight the work of an artist with significant achievements, was awarded to actress Louise Portal, who is celebrating 50 years of career. The fantasy tale The Time Snatcher won three awards (best art direction, best visual effects and best makeup), while the new adaptation of the novel Maria Chapdelaine s’ is seen awarded two prizes (best costumes and best hairstyle). For its part, Bootlegger, by Caroline Monnet, walked away with the Iris for the most successful film outside Quebec.

The films Maria Chapdelaine and Drunken Birds have the most nominations with 16 each.

A selection of the finalist films for the 2022 Iris Awards is offered free of charge Québec Cinéma's digital platform(New window) until June 7.

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