The arts have a blast at the Festival TransAmériques

The arts are exploding at the Festival TransAmériques

The poster for the play “Le virus et la proie”, presented at the FTA 2022

The Festival TransAmériques (FTA), an international event celebrating dance and theatre, is back in Montreal for a 16th edition, from May 25 to June 9, with important pieces of its programming devoted to African art.

The piece The virus and the prey , by Pierre Lefebvre, the dance score Les jolies choses, by Catherine Gaudet, the stage experience Malay dans la civilisation, by Étienne Lepage and Alix Dufresne, and the documentary work Laboratoire poison, by Adeline Rosenstein, are also to watch.

As well, the OFFTA component, dedicated to the visual arts, will offer all kinds of original creations across Montreal , like Cabin/Tra this, a fake interactive phone booth, at Place de la Paix.

Consult the FTA and OFFTA websites to find out more about the programs of the two festivals.

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