The author of “Fugueuse” signs a new drama series on #MeToo

The author of “Fugueuse” signs a new dramatic series on #MeToo

The cast of “The Emperor”, a series that will be broadcast at Noovo this winter.

Michelle Allen, author of numerous television series, including Fugueuse, signs The Emperor, her very first collaboration with Bell Media.< em> The work that addresses the #MeToo movement and power relations will land on Noovo airwaves in the winter of 2023.

Produced by Sophie Deschênes of Sovimage productions and directed by Adam Kosh (Another Story), the nine 60-minute episodes trace the rise of an abuser and the journey of his victims to bring the truth to light.

Jean-Philippe Perras (L’heure bleue,The Fault will play Christian, a rising star in a creative agency. Charismatic, visionary and adored by those around him, Christian nevertheless shows a total inability to read the limits of the other, which makes him a complex, unpredictable and dangerous being. 

Noemi Lira, whom we could see in the film Genesis, will play the role of Manuela, a colleague of Christian. In 2005, after a partyoffice drunk, Christian accompanies Manuela home and the end of the evening “slips”. Despite what looks like an accident, they continue to work together. Christian becomes president and helps Manuela to climb the ladder, until making him his partner.

The story then moves to 2015, when a woman reports Christian to the police, claiming to be the victim of rape. Christian, who became a father and a husband at the height of his professional glory, is the target of other complaints.

Macha Grenon, Madeleine Péloquin, David Boutin, Jean-François Nadeau, Geneviève Boivin-Roussy , Charlotte Aubin, Joanie Guérin, Naïla Louidort, Maxime-Oliver Potvin and Sharon Ibgui are also part of the cast of the series.

Michelle Allen has accustomed Quebecers to punchy series who tackle current events with strength, sensitivity and originality, think of Fugueuse and Pour Sarah. The drama series The Emperor should be no exception.

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