The author of the Laval daycare drama was about to get married

The author of the Laval daycare drama was about to get married

The bus driver who hit a daycare center in Laval, causing the death of two children, Pierre Ny Saint-Amand, was close to getting married. The witness chosen for the celebration, Sokkha Mey, claims not to understand what could have happened in the mind of his friend on February 8.

This is what the daily La Presse reports . The accused has been in a relationship with the same woman for more than 10 years and is the father of two children. Her wedding was to take place at a notary's office in Greenfield Park in March. The union will ultimately not take place because of the numerous charges against him, including two of premeditated murder.

Several relatives of Mr. Ny Saint-Amand are in shock and incomprehension since everything was going well for him. “I confirm that I have not noticed any problems between them, violence or bickering. They loved each other. I can't understand what happened”, reacts Mr. Mey, adding that to my knowledge, the bus driver did not suffer from mental health problems.

The author of Tragedy is still being held awaiting trial. He was determined fit to stand trial following a psychiatric evaluation at the hospital after the events.

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