The beaches of the world as an office [VIDEO]

The beaches of the world as an office [VIDEO]

One of the works of sand created by Jonathan Bouchard.

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Isabel Authier La Voix de l'Est When Jonathan Bouchard was a child, he could spend hours playing in his sandbox or in the snow. Years later, the little guy from rue Avery in Granby does the same thing, only to make a living.

“I feel like I'm playing when I'm working. It is always this feeling that I seek … even if it comes with a certain pressure ”, indicates the artist who has received many awards for his sand sculptures.

After leaving Granby to study in Sherbrooke, then settle in Montreal, Jonathan Bouchard made his nest in Saint-Calixte in Lanaudière about ten years ago. “I missed the wood,” he says. I needed to get out of town. I found a nice, inexpensive little house there! “

Even if he is a graphic designer by training, he has lived from sculpture for ten years. First by shaping the snow in Quebec, before branching off towards the sand. “Let's say that to date, my career as a sculptor has mainly focused on the ephemeral arts. And I loved it. “

“Culture – including sculpture – is very present in Granby. I would like, one day, to implant a little of me in my hometown! “- Jonathan Bouchard

At the rate of ten international projects per year, the young man has traveled the planet, with the exception of the African continent. With certain success, it should be mentioned.

“I reached a peak in this discipline. In competitions, I often win the first prize. To the point of being a little dreaded, ”he said without false modesty.

The winning recipe, according to him: a little talent and a lot of patience. “I don't know if I'm lucky or good, but my business is going really well. Someone once told me I was lucky to be good! “

The pandemic has of course limited his movements over the past year. “I do a little less, but it's such a beautiful job. My office is the beaches of the world, plus expenses paid. I should actually be at my office in Florida right now! But here I am at a turning point in my life. I'm looking for ways to find something better than this job, ”he says.

The beaches of the world as an office [VIDEO]

The sculptor now intends to focus more and more on permanent art. PHOTO PROVIDED

A turning point imposed by COVID, but also driven by his desire to stay closer to his little family. It is therefore towards permanent sculpture that he intends to move. “I already aspired to create monuments. Wood, concrete, steel, stainless steel, I like to touch everything. In fact, I want to continue making a living from something I love, working more from home. However, that would not prevent my sculptures from shining everywhere. ”

Why not in Granby? “Culture – including sculpture – is very present in your home. I would like, one day, to implant a little of me in my hometown! “


Jonathan Bouchard has already carried out some private and public contracts. We can notably see one of his works in front of the town hall of Saint-Esprit, in Lanaudière. Entitled Souffle fertile, the stainless steel creation is eleven feet high and is inspired by the agricultural roots of the municipality. A video posted on social media shows the artist during the conception of the work.

Interview with Jonathan Bouchard Plume libre de Montcalm

In fact, his experience with sand seems to serve him very well. Obviously, the man is comfortable in all forms of sculpture. “The sand was like a practice for creating great monuments. But there, I feel like I have practiced enough. I'm ready. “

Jonathan Bouchard ends the interview by revealing lip service that he will soon be seen on the small screen. The artist participated in the filming of a television competition which will be broadcast in the spring, in English, “on CBC and probably on Netflix”. But we will have to wait to find out more.

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